• Investor Workshop Video


  • Excel Take-Off Calculators


  • Build Your Brand With Video


  • 20 Minutes to Real Estate Investment


  • T-1-11 Siding Repair and Maintenance


  • How to Make an Offer


  • Free Tools for Creating Videos


  • What Florida Home Owners Need to Know


  • What You Need to Know Before You Buy Real Estate


Information You Need

Having the right information before you buy your home or investment property will save you thousands of dollars.

Training yourself or your staff can be daunting as well as boring. These programs are created for the average person and will assist you in developing your real estate buying skills

Tired of hard sell training programs? My FREE programs are there when you need to fill in a few minutes for your next training meeting. Try them out!

We Made it Easy for you to Understand

We made it easy for you to learn with audio and video downloads. No more books to clutter your shelves, information at your fingertips with your technology.

What our customers say

The Information Terry provided us saved us over $30,000 on the purchase of our home. By learning how to look instead of just looking.

Jason H. Tampa

Terry's information is a valuable service to our community. If more people would take the time and review his information, they wouldn't be stuck in a home they never should have bought.

Fred C. Gainesville

Information overload, way to much information to take in for one sitting. I had to listen to the audio several times to catch everything. His recordings should be required before anyone buys their home or investment property.

David F. Gainesville